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Colleen Marie is a fully licensed Insurance professional,  Estate Planner and Department of Education recognized  College Planning Counselor. She has assisted clients and attorneys with Estate Planning since 1994 and is licensed in property, casualty (personal and commercial), life, retirement and health insurance. Our team of professionals and associates focuses on assisting clients with their annuity, long term care, health, disability and medicare supplement options.  She has worked in the insurance industry since 1990 and has been called upon in litigation as a subject matter expert.

Our team of professionals allows us to make the finest products and services available to our clients.

Part of our business involves assisting with client disputes when an insurance company is unresponsive or denied claims. We have 25 years of experience helping clients succeed in getting their services and claims covered when it is too small for attorney interest.

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Knowing you are being assisted by someone you can trust is the cornerstone of our practice.

Thank you for allowing us to serve you.


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